8: John Savarino

November 13th, 2015

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Bengali Tiger Beer


The only real concern with Angular, What it takes to become a programmer, What the hell is a 'brogrammer'.

Quotes of the night:

  • "There is peaks and troughs. You never really reach some sort of pinnacle. You always go back and learn more. I think of it as learning to play an instrument. Except this pays!"
  • "Just go back and do everything you can to get to the next step and recognize that there is always a next step."
  • "As far as JavaScript is concerned, if you understand the patterns in use and can write those on your own you are probably in a pretty good shape."

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  • 00:11 - The Drink
  • 00:53 - About John
  • 15:58 - How did you become good at both CSS and JavaScript?
  • 21:10 - What technologies are you using?
  • 24:29 - What do you wish was different about Angular?
  • 26:33 - The Questionnaire
  • 26:51 - If Jesus was a programmer would he be front end or back end and what would be his specialty?
  • 27:23 - What do you like to write from scratch?
  • 27:51 - Are you a brogrammer?
  • 28:19 - If you weren't a programmer what would you do?
  • 28:35 - What was your first programming gig?
  • 31:10 - What do you wish you were better at?
  • 33:20 - What do you hate about the web?
  • 35:51 - When was the last time you had a brutal awful miserable interview?
  • 36:22 - What's the coolest thing you worked on?
  • 37:15 - What's your biggest fuck up of all time?
  • 37:58 - Would you encourage people to become programmers?
  • 39:09 - How do you see the future of the web?
  • 40:12 - How do you keep up with the industry?
  • 41:03 - Your experience with CSS Flexbox?
  • 41:43 - Consulting vs. full-time?
  • 41:55 - How can young developers become like John Savarino?
  • 42:43 - What kind of developer do you not like to work with?
  • 44:09 - What would you say to the young John Savarino?
  • 45:22 - Thoughts on project managers?
  • 48:40 - Why is there no picture of you on Google Images?
  • About the guest:
  • John is a Senior Engineer at ADP innovation lab
  • He was a Lead Front End Engineer at Morgan Stanley.
  • He was a Senior Front End Engineer at Neosavvy, Inc.
  • He was a Senior Front-End Engineer at HBO.
  • He was a Lead Front-End Engineer at Time Inc.
  • He was a Lead Front-End Engineer at Equinox.
  • He was a Front-End Engineer at Roundarch, MRM Worldwide, CoreBrand, and YB Services
  • @_SimplySavvy
  • John Savarino @ LinkedIn
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