4: Neil Bhay

October 09, 2015

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Cafe PatrĂ³n, Baileys


How to be successful in the tech industry, How to identify your strong suit and use it to advance, What managers are looking for these days.

Quotes of the night:

  • "As long as you produce results, your track record along the way will lead to eventual success."
  • "What we do on the web is an art to some extent, it takes an artistic passion as well as a very logical mind to be successful with technology."
  • "If you can find your strength and exploit yourself to those strengths and make a big impact on your company, that will speak for you for ages."
  • About the guest:
  • Neil is the Vice President of Technology for Multiplatform Entertainment at Viacom.
  • He was a Technical Manager for Digital Products at HBO.
  • He was a Senior Director of Application Development at PSL Group.
  • He was a Senior Project Manager WebMD.
  • He's also the lead singer and guitar player for Stones In Pockets.
  • @neilbhay
  • Neil Bhay @ LinkedIn
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